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Shanghai keimei Mechanical and Electrical Co.,Ltd. (KM) is specialized in coal mining, coal mining, transport complete sets of equipment research and development, manufacturing and sales of large equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Our company is located at the foot of Sheshan in Songjiang District, Shanghai City, it currently has two subsidiaries, namely, Shanghai keimei Mechanical and Electrical Co.,Ltd. and Jiangsu keimei Heavy Industry Co., ltd.. R & D and sales center is located in Shanghai city of Songjiang District, and with a number of sales offices in the District, there are two large production bases are located in Shanghai City, Songjiang District province and Jiangsu Yancheng City Dafeng Economic Development Zone.

As the Municipal Science and technology enterprises in Shanghai, the company's existing staff of 150, including sixteen senior engineers, engineers, assistant engineers and technicians more than ten several, with strong research and development ability, and with the Shanghai branch of China Coal Research Institute, Tang Shanyan Institute, Shandong University of Science and Technology, China University of Mining and Technology has a wide range of technical cooperation and personnel training. The company is the original coal science research institute staff Shanghai branch of shearer and roadheader by scientific research personnel, has a wealth of research and development and innovation capacity, and provide technical support to the high quality company, company applied for a total of more than 20 national patents, of which EBH120 roadheader was assessed as high-tech achievement transformation project in Shanghai. This technology is in the leading position in the same industry in china. The company has obtained the trademark registration certificate (No. 3862515th), and implemented the brand marketing strategy.

Why Choose Us?

In 2011, as the world's leading German import cutter wear parts manufacturers - Germany bitsoft grams (BETEK) company, has been actively developing close cooperation with our company, and to authorize the company as I go pick G products in Chinese district distributor, the service life of betek cutter is the same pick domestic production several times, the good product quality, sophisticated manufacturing process and quality performance in the global scope has already won unanimous praise from the industry, just a short time, the company will pick BETEK series product promotion to the country's more than 200 mining area, established more than 20 regional level agents, user feedback positive display: the world this series of products are worthy of the top technology leader in the industry. Through this series of cooperation, our company and the German bitsoft g (BETEK), but also to deepen the understanding, high-level decision in other BETEK series products on the development of a deeper partnership.

Our Solution

Equipped with full-time quality inspection and maintenance personnel, establish and perfect the management system, responsible for product quality inspection, ensure each procedure of qualified products to enter the next process, and accept the relevant government departments of quality supervision and inspection and guidance.
Ensure the full and rational use of national resources and scientific and technological achievements, actively adopt the latest national standards and foreign advanced technology and Research Institute of precision cooperation, so as to promote the company technical progress, ensure and improve the quality of the products.
The quality of the products strictly enforce the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards, to produce products to ensure product certification, by product name, specifications, quality inspection department, quality inspection personnel stamped number, production date, company name, address and telephone number.
The packing of the products is guaranteed to comply with the relevant regulations of the state. All the products damaged by the packing shall be borne by our company.

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